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Most homeowners are unaware that pipe repairs are excluded by their standard homeowners policy. So, if your water or sewer lines ever leak or break, you’ll be responsible for the repair.

These pipes are used everyday, and are under constant stress. Every time you wash your hands, run the dishwasher, or take a shower, hundreds of feet of piping are being affected and slowly wearing out.

Eventually, when these pipes do leak, you’ll need to find a plumber quickly. However, these repairs can be thousands of dollars, and it’s difficult to find a trustworthy plumber on short notice.

With insurance offered by National Water Company, you’ll never have to worry about this scenario. With pre-screened and reliable plumbers in our network, and hundreds of happy claimants, these insurance policies offer great peace of mind.

National Water Company (NWC) provides insurance for all your water and sewer lines, both inside and outside.

Thousands of homeowners in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon trust NWC to insure their pipes. With millions of dollars paid out in claims, NWC is an expert in water and sewer line repairs.

Your policy would cover anything from a minor leak, to a major rupture or collapse. You’ll likely discover a leak by high water bills, moisture behind your walls, slow drains throughout your home, and other signs.

When this happens, National Water Company will dispatch a plumber or contractor, who can diagnose the issue and start the repair the same day.

Along with the repair cost, NWC policies pay for the cost of digging, landscaping, driveway repair, hotel stay, water bill reimbursement, backup costs, and more.

Founded in 2010, National Water Company (NWC) has helped thousands of homeowners across Washington, Idaho, and Oregon.

Most insurance companies are large corporations that service all 50 states, or even multiple countries. You’ll never speak with the same person twice, and claim process is typically longer.

National Water Company is purposely different. Our main office is in Moses Lake, Washington, and all of our agents and representatives can be reached by name.

Since NWC is a local company, we have close relationships with our plumbers. If you ever have a leak, NWC will call one of our trusted plumbers or contractors, who can typically be at your house that same day.

Exterior Coverage

For pipes located between the foundation of your home and the property boundary.

Interior Coverage

For all piping found behind your walls, flooring, ceiling, and foundation.
1,000+ Reviews
A. J.
Potential Claim Cost: $6,063
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I've passed along your info to my co-workers. Ben and his team were wonderful. Thank you so very much!! You have a customer for life!

Seattle, WA
A. D.
Potential Claim Cost: $3,783
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National Water Company handled our problem quickly and thoroughly in a very easy manner. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to a neighbor or friend with a similar problem. The contractor was excellent. They were very professional and easy to work with and did a great job.

Seattle, WA
S. R.
Potential Claim Cost: $1,535
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All my interactions with NWC and the contractors were excellent. Thorough, thoughtful, considerate, and efficient. It's easy to recommend NWC and their team of contractors.

Edmonds, WA
T. B.
Potential Claim Cost: $1,160
Read More
Thank you so much for the SUPERIOR service both from National Water Company and the contractor who provided the service. A 5 star rating is not high enough. You are a 10+ company. I am a realtor and I highly recommend your company to all my clients.

Spokane, WA

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National Water Company is a proud partner of AAA Washington
"National Water Company offers water and sewer line insurance plans to AAA members and customers. Customers have found this coverage to be of value as it addresses the gap in protection that most homeowners are not aware exist. National Water Company has been a valuable partner providing excellent administrative and claim services."
-Pat McCormick, VP of Insurance at AAA

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