National Water Company

Insurance for your pipes

Your water and sewer lines are very important. You use them everyday, and since nothing lasts forever, these pipes will eventually leak or break. This can be very expensive and stressful.

Homeowner policies typically exclude these type of emergency repairs, so insuring these pipes through National Water Company offers great peace of mind for an affordable price.

You can’t prevent a water or sewer line from leaking or breaking, but you can be prepared. Don’t be caught with unnecessary worry and expense!

Local company


National Water Company is based in Moses Lake, Washington. All of our agents and representatives are local!

With an average 4.7 stars and over 1,000 reviews, you can feel confident that National Water Company is the right choice to insure your water and sewer lines.

Platinum Protection Plan
$25.44 / month

✔ Exterior Water
✔ Exterior Sewer
✔ Interior Water
✔ Interior Sewer

$10,000 Annual Coverage (x4)
Zero Deductible
Hotel Stay
Water Bill Reimbursement



 The Platinum Protection Plan offered by National Water Company gives the greatest coverage for your home.

Considering all your pipes are used equally, and were all installed at the same time, you never know what is going to break and where.

For $25.44 per month, all your main water and sewer lines, inside and outside your home, are covered. Most customers get this package!


Individual Policies

You can view the policy that National Water Company offers here.

Below are a partial list of general exclusions found in National Water Company’s policy. Please contact an agent with NWC if you have any specific questions, or want a more comprehensive list. This list is paraphrased as to what the policy actually says.


  1. Problems existing prior to enrolling
  2. Natural or manmade disasters
  3. Work that was not authorized by NWC.
  4. Coverage for exterior lines that extend beyond 250 feet in length.
  5. Septic tanks, sump pumps, septic drain fields, etc.
  6. Repairs within the first 30 days of enrollment
  7. Water faucets, shower heads, toilets, hose bibs, etc.


Traditional homeowner policies exclude natural wear and tear and repairs for piping. You should check with your agent, but you will almost certainly discover that all repairs on your property are your responsibility.

NWC has pre-screened, licensed, and bonded plumbers available all across Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. NWC will call one of these plumbers, on your behalf, if you ever have a needed repair or potential problem.

There is always zero deductible, no matter how small or large your claim is.

There is a 30-day waiting period to file a claim. This helps to keep rates low by discouraging fraud.

Single-family home policies provide up to $10,000 in coverage per occurrence, and have a $10,000 annual limit.

Multi-family residence policies provide up to $10,000 in coverage per occurrence, have a $10,000 annual limit for water lines, and a $20,000 annual limit for sewer lines.

You can choose between monthly or annual payment plans.

You can pay your premiums with any Visa or MasterCard, checking account, or by sending in an annual check to our mailing address.

The cancellation process is quick and easy. This can be done by calling our office at 1 (800) 790-3201, extension 4. We will need a reason why you are cancelling, and (if applicable) a new mailing address for any refund.

Yes, you may cancel the coverage anytime throughout the year. On the day of notification, NWC will issue a refund of the portion of insurance that wasn’t used (pro-rated).